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Arbitration Bot
Use the mathematical advantage!
What are the advantages of arbitration with Intelfin?
Is it profitable to engage in arbitration independently?
Trading Bots
The arbitrage bot helps to buy and sell an asset in a fraction of a second, making a profit on the difference in altcoin prices between exchanges. Thanks to our bot, you will get the most profitable opportunities in arbitrage trading
For productive work and concrete results, our system includes:
  • accounts on all exchanges, physical and legal bank accounts in all countries where there are local exchanges; at the request of the Central Bank, deposits and withdrawals in local currency are made
  • constantly updated trading robots connected to all exchanges, passed tests and settings
  • servers that are located in the same zone with exchange servers
  • the ability to trade all currencies on p2p (exchangers) exchanges

We use a symbiosis of three ways of arbitrage trading:
  • Purchase with the movement of cryptocurrencies
  • How the method works: the system purchases cryptocurrency at one price, and then takes it to the exchange where it costs more, and sells it
  • Margin arbitrage of cryptocurrencies
  • This method consists in the fact that when quotes diverge, the asset is bought on one exchange, and then sold on a margin exchange, which makes it possible to open short positions. In this case, the risks are minimized because the cryptocurrency does not need to be transferred between exchanges.
  • One-legged (statistical) arbitration
  • When quotes diverge, a cheap crypto pair is bought, and when quotes converge, the crypto pair is sold. The difference in the divergence of quotations allows you to make a profit even with a series of negative and positive transactions.

This is a mathematical advantage!

We have created one of our automated programs, controlled by hybrid intelligence, for inter-exchange arbitrage of cryptocurrencies, which will help you earn decent money. The system scans quotes between exchanges with a given frequency and looks for opportunities for a successful transaction

When doing arbitration on your own, you may face several difficulties. What kind of problems can it be?

For successful transactions, it is necessary:
  • register and verify on dozens of exchanges
  • track the price difference among hundreds and even thousands of altcoins on dozens of exchanges
  • constantly check withdrawals and inputs on exchanges – this is important for rebalancing (fiat money, cryptocurrencies, and stablecoins) after a successful transaction
  • trade among dozens of robots that compete with each other
  • have assets on all exchanges in dozens of different coins. The price of cryptocurrencies is unstable and rebalancing is a big risk, since exchanges can close the withdrawal input, and the price can change greatly during the transfer from one exchange to another. It is necessary to achieve synchronicity of this process
  • monitor the exchange and the p2p platform, identifying the difference between stablecoins and fiat money for a successful transaction

It is difficult and costly to take into account all the nuances for one person. Any move can lead to a mistake and loss of money
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Hybrid Bot
"One wish won't do the job for you! And the Intelfin multiplatform can be more ..."
More about the product
What is the benefit?
How does it work?
Advantages of averaging:
Trading Bots
A hybrid bot combines several strategies at once, depending on market situations. The main algorithms of the hybrid bot include high-frequency trading (hft) and fork-averaging.
When the hybrid intelligence of the bot, scanning the markets (spot/crypto, stock, and derivatives), finds intersections of at least 5 buy/sell/hedge signals for a particular instrument, the system can connect additional strategies such as VWAP, Adaptive Shortfall Strategy, BBS, POV
  • the robot significantly reduces the average cost of the asset
  • insurance of spot assets against a sharp decline
  • insurance against loss in futures
The hybrid robot buys on the cryptocurrency market and simultaneously sells the futures corresponding to the instrument
When the price of a crypto asset increases, the algorithm compensates for losses due to the fork. When the price drops, the fork algorithm based on artificial intelligence makes a profit on futures and averages the order amounts with a larger percentage. So, the average price will always be one of the lowest
The averaging strategy in a falling market involves investing additional amounts in a financial instrument or asset if it significantly decreases in price after the initial purchase
If the coin continues to grow and reaches the level of $ 110, the potential profit will be already $ 4,000. Averaging on the previous decline, you will increase your profit by 4 times, although the volume of investments will be increased by only 2 times
If the bot had not used the averaging strategy when the coin dropped to $80, the potential profit of the position at the price of $110 would have been only $ 1,000
Let's imagine an example
Our bot buys 100 coins for $100. If the market has turned down, the bot averages the position through an additional purchase of another 100 coins, but for $ 80. The bot has 200 coins in its asset at a total price of $ 180. The average price for 100 coins will be 90 $
100 units. x (90 – 100 $) = -1 000 $
100 units x (90 – 80 $) = 1 000 $
1 000 $ + (-1 000 $) = 0 $ at a price of $ 90
Thus, breaking even is $10 lower than the initial entry price of $100
If the coin reaches the price of $99, the bot declares a potential profit of $1,800:
100 coins x (99 – 100 $) = -100 $
100 coins x (99 – 80 $) = 1 900 $
1 900 $ + (-100 $) = 1 800 $ at a price of $ 99
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Liquidity pools
Discover a new universe of digital assets
Why is it profitable?
You may be interested to learn more about liquidity pools in the Intelfin blog
You don't need to wade through the jungle...
Single asset
Multi asset
Diversified asset
A liquidity pool is a kind of repository where market participants store their assets to collectively provide a sufficient liquidity cushion for everyone who wants to exchange a certain asset.
The liquidity pool in cryptocurrency is represented by pillows/stocks of tokens locked in the account of a specially designated smart contract. Although they are used to provide trading activities, they are also actively involved in the operation of decentralized digital asset exchanges (DEX)
Use the services of the Intelfin multiplatform, where our DeFi specialists have developed unique offers:
Activate one liquidity pool with the required initial balance of $300 and receive fixed income as an automated market maker (AMM)
Activate three liquidity pools with the required initial balance of $ 300 in each pool and get a stable income
Diversify risks together with an algorithm that will distribute your assets into at least 10 different pools and allow you to get the maximum profit
The system has no days off — you get all the income day in and day out!
You automatically receive profit and can withdraw it monthly from the start date + 1 day of the next month. For example, you invested money on March 15, and on April 16 you will be able to withdraw profit
Single asset
3 months
Multi asset
6 months
Diversified asset
12 months
Initial balance / deposit
Liquidity pools allow you to eliminate the dependence of tokens on trading volume and provide continuous liquidity

  • The main advantages of liquidity pools:
  • provide and maintain a network that provides liquidity
  • offer additional confidence to large investors
  • act as insurance for token holders
  • help in fast cross-border transactions with the help of automatic smart contracts
  • reduce liquidity risks in decentralized financing
  • liquidity providers receive passive income
The minimum period of participation in liquidity pools
Fixed income
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Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
The World of Cryptocurrency Supremacy
The financial world is too complex for a constant independent analysis. Centralized investment firms and the banking system are too uncertain, and this exposes depositors to many risks

Using blockchain and hybrid intelligence, a fully automated and highly sensitive system is implemented in the Intelfin multiplatform. The platform performs automatic operations and helps novice and practicing investors, financial managers, and companies to succeed in the digital asset markets simply and confidently
Advantages of the Intelfin multiplatform
Uses hybrid intelligence,
which provides super-speed
and efficiency of order
User-friendly interface
Use the superiority of the
multiplatform and get profit simply
and confidently with the help
of an intuitive system
Support of specialists
As a user of the platform,
consult with a personal manager
and get answers to all your
questions at any time, 24/7,
without weekends and
Trading in non-stop mode
The automatic system works without interruptions, allowing you to earn every day
Safety and reliability
We know how the market lives,
and we develop each algorithm taking into account all current requirements.
Power and Accuracy
Intelfin algorithms use all available coins, tracking accurate prices to form optimal positions at a specific time
We strive to ensure that the cryptocurrency space gets out of the control of large financial institutions and becomes accessible to ordinary people! Even those who have no experience working with digital assets can earn income on the difference in market prices, using the mathematical advantage of the Intelfin platform
Stop wasting your time.
Start creating your future now!
The automated Intelfin system instantly reacts to market movements, making dispassionate movements aimed at obtaining the maximum possible profit, using every opportunity
About us
Intelfin Group has been on the investment market for more than 9 years. Our company's activities are based on algorithmization of investment processes, algotrading, HFT, arbitration.

For a long time, we have been providing effective tools for mutual funds, government loans, Eurobonds, investment in pension funds, OBGZ. But the modern world dictates its own rules – many tools that were effective before cease to generate income. Since 2020, global inflation has increased from 6 to 30%, depending on the country.
Why is it worth investing in cryptocurrency?
The scale of the use of cryptocurrencies is constantly expanding, including at the state level
Today, the largest online stores accept bitcoin, developing a digital currency
It is necessary to invest now since bitcoin and other digital currencies do not succumb to the pressure of states
You do not need to pay extra for storing coins, as is the case with deposits or bank accounts. Cryptocurrency is decentralized and anonymous
Which makes any investment with a yield of less than 30 - 40% per year a loss of your finances.
Do you want to personally verify the effectiveness of investments in digital products? Take a look at the official data, the figures speak for themselves!
Features of the Intelfin multiplatform
Get passive income using the
services of automated pools
managed by hybrid and
arbitrage bots
You can activate one or several multiplatform services at once, getting a profit without the need for deep immersion in routine processes
Automated periodic systems
Intelfin algorithms use all available coins, tracking accurate prices to form optimal positions at a specific time
Power and Accuracy
Our platform is based on a unique method that makes low-risk investments with a high level of profitability available
You have full control of overactive services through your devices – none of the assets are stored on the platform
Start generating a decent profit using all the advantages of modern technologies
All features
in one system
Intelfin is
We provide information support in asset management to more than 15,000 clients worldwide
For all time, we have developed over 110 algorithms, which allowed us to achieve monthly profitability of 30%
Intelfin algorithms have earned more than 1700% of the profit for 10 years for our clients
A decentralized insurance fund of Intelfin Global Group, valued at $83 million as of 2022, protects assets of ecosystem participants
active algorithms
insurance fund
profit in 10 years
$83 000 000
15 000+
More than 1700%
By making a decision now, you are securing a successful future for yourself today!
Cheryl M. Bray
Greetings, everyone! This is the first time I've used this platform, and I've only been using it for two months. My average monthly returns with a Hybrid Bot pool are 14-16%, and I make 2-3 transactions per week on average. So far, everything seems to be going well!
United States
I think this is a great tool for beginners as well as experienced traders who are new to the field. The exhaust that am received personally was of high quality within a short period of time. Now I plan on trying out pools of hybrid and arbitrage bots, since, based on forecasts, it will amount to a monthly return of more than 17%, so I am looking forward to this new endeavor. There is no doubt in my mind that I would recommend it to others!
Noël Picard
It is the best option, especially if you are interested in trying your hand at trading cryptobots for the first time. It is important to note that there is a great team here, excellent service, and even with small investments, you can earn a good profit, as I did in principle, as well as great results! There were some questions that I had, I contacted technical support, and they responded very quickly to my questions! This is a product I highly recommend!
Evelien Groen
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